Easter For Mega-Slackers

Behold, five restaurants that can still seat a party of four on Easter Sunday. You’re welcome.

Beehive: pretty much any time after 5:30pm
Hampshire House: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. Although these may be early seatings, the restaurant stresses that this is Easter dinner, not Easter brunch.
Meritage: 1pm
Sandrine’s Bistro: almost any time between 12pm-6pm.
Terramia Ristorante: almost any time after 2pm.

Beehive [Official Site]
Hampshire House [Official Site]
Meritage [Official Site]
Sandrine’s Bistro [Official Site]
Terramia Ristorante [Official Site]

[Photo: Bunny Rabbits]


Easter For Mega-Slackers