Dovetail’s Food Editor–Hostess Tells Her Tale; Dessert Truck vs. Treats Truck Tonight

The Food & Wine editor–cum–hostess at Dovetail had a hard time learning the ropes of the job at first, but by the end she learned that star ratings from critics matter, and there’s more to being a hostess than checking coats. [TONY]

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a suit against Tonic East for “a pattern or practice of denying African-Americans from admittance into its club.” [Down by the Hipster]

Unbeknownst to us, rapper Coolio has a cooking show on the Web called, succinctly, Cookin’ With Coolio, but he might not be the most adventurous kitchen personality we’ve ever seen: “I don’t like pork, I don’t eat pork, and I don’t cook pork.” [Serious Eats]

Those attending tonight’s Whitney Biennial opening will be faced with an aggressive five-hour competition for customers between the Dessert Truck and the Treats Truck outside the museum, but it’s not clear why the contemporary-art crowd is being used to establish a winner in this battle. [Eater]

The First Annual New York Wine Expo will be held this weekend at the Javits Center, where you’ll be able to sample more than 600 wines. [Zagat Buzz]

The rumor mill claims that employees of Philippe have been watching videos of celebs hanging out in their private dining room captured by hidden cameras. [NYP]

The latest crop of Top Chef contestants found the pizza in Chicago to be lacking and thinks Tom Colicchio is a diva. [NYP]

The second installment of Frank Bruni’s top-ten list of new restaurants outside of New York includes eateries in Las Vegas, L.A., and San Francisco. [NYT]

Though we’d like to think that rising rents affect all types of restaurants equally, French bistros seem to be closing up shop most frequently these days. [NYO]

Robert Sietsema of The Village Voice wants to know where the best meatball-Parmesan hero in midtown is. [Midtown Lunch]

The stigma attached to putting MSG in food will not go away, but neither will its presence in some cooking. [NYT]

Dovetail’s Food Editor–Hostess Tells Her Tale; Dessert Truck vs. Treats