Don’t Eat That Asian Boy

It’s not what you think. Asian Boy brand dried ginger, imported by BCN, inc. of South Plainfield, NJ is being recalled because it contains undeclared sulfites.

The FDA announced in February that a sample of the 7 oz. containers of Vietnamese dried ginger may contain 27.3 mg. of sulfites per serving. This really only matters if you’re sensitive to sulfites (in which case, you’re in for a headache and a half). If not, feel free to stick some more of that Asian Boy in your mouth.

You can probably find him at Hiep Thanh or Red Sea markets, or one of the myriad Chinese/pan-Asian grocery emporiums around town.

New BCN Trading Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Asian Boy Sweet Ginger [FDA press release]
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Don’t Eat That Asian Boy