DN To Academia Del Caffe: ‘You’re Not Starbucks!’

Upstart local coffeehouse chain Academia Del Caffe just got a mixed review in the Daily News over their lack of branding and inconsistent menus. It made reviewer Lari Robling (gasp!) miss Starbucks:

For example, once I learn that a venti is bigger than a grande, I know no matter what the Starbucks location, I’ll have the same drink.

At Academia del Caffe, I often found myself confused.

Let’s start with the fact that the original cafe, Hausbrandt on 207 S. 15th St., has a different name from the other locations. Each store has different hours and different menu items available. Want the lasagna or manicotti? You have to get that at the Penn Square location. Need a vegetarian option? Well, at the 15th Street store on a weekend, the pickings are slim.

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[Image via Daily News]


DN To Academia Del Caffe: ‘You’re Not Starbucks!’