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David Bouley Tries to End-run His Foes

David Bouley only wants to bring love and joy to Tribeca!
David Bouley only wants to bring love and joy to Tribeca! Photo: Patrick McMullan

David Bouley isn’t throwing in the towel quite yet in his struggle to get a liquor license for Brushstrokes, his new Japanese restaurant, Eater reports. The chef, who has at least a couple of intractable opponents on the board of Community Board 1, is trying an end run by appealing to all fifty members via a direct letter. Eater has the full letter, which is a masterpiece of conciliation.

My wife Nicole and I have been part of Tribeca since the mid 80s. We were here when traffic lights and street signs were scarce. We have made many friends and built our home in this community hand in hand with so many of you who are here tonight. The growth we have witnessed in Tribeca has been exceptional and we fully understand the desire of residents to ensure that our neighborhood never loses its distinctiveness. Our restaurants and bakery were designed to fit into the landscape of the community and Brush Stroke is no exception.

The message would no doubt go over bigger if Bouley were actually at the Community Board 1 meeting tonight, but the chef is in Japan, “showcasing Tribeca and New York in front of a global audience.” And what could be more admirable than that?

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David Bouley Tries to End-run His Foes