Chef Counters on the Rise; Chefs Put in Their Time on the Line

As chefs and cooks take on more roles of service, they cut out more costs and create a more intimate dining experience, especially at restaurants with counters overlooking the food preparation. [NYT]
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Apparently, restaurants’ hanging of red velvet curtains in colder months signals metaphors of birth and womblike spaces for diners. Ew. [NYO]

Chefs like Akhtar Nawab of Elettaria and Josh Eden of Shorty’s.32 both spent years cooking on the line before being able to fly solo. [TONY]

The two longest lines at the Village Voice’s Choice Eats event last night were at the tables of Tiffin Wallah and Fette Sau. [Gothamist]

One bonus feature at Bar Boulud: The tables are so wobbly that they practically swirl your wine in the glass for you. [Forked]

Why would anyone play football in college when instead they could enter the fascinating world of intercollegiate meat-judging competitions? [WSJ]

Hush puppies, the southern fried treat, are popping up on menus at Blue Smoke, R.U.B., Madaleine Mae, and Market Table. [TONY]

Restaurateurs are getting tired of online-reservation services like TableXchange, where the hottest tables in town are sold like commodities. [NYT]

A Time Out reader wonders where he can “have a few on St. Paddy’s Day before things get too crazy,” but drinking before the parade seems like the easiest way to tap into the crazy side of the holiday, if you ask us. [TONY]
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Chef Counters on the Rise; Chefs Put in Their Time on the Line