Burritoeater: Herbert’s in Union Square

An interesting thing happened in Union Square/cyberspace this week. The Burritoeater visited Herbert’s Mexican Grill, which most serious Cal-Mex fans likely wrote off before even looking at, and you know what? He liked it:

It wasn’t spectacular, and it certainly wasn’t expected, but Herbert’s debut on the Burritoeater charts was a steady-truckin’ parade of good taste, booming spice, and no debilitating faults. It skimped slightly on the sizing and was encased in a just-happy-to-be-here steamed tortilla, but other than a set of overly tough meat, every element made a guest appearance on Today in Eight-Mustache-or-Better Moments with the Burritoeater Judges Panel.

Keep in mind, this is the same Herbert’s that Eater lampooned when it opened in the hotel of the same name, and that Yelpers piled on for being crappy.

But the Burritoeater is a trusted source, and we are inclined to take his opinion over those of some strangers who called the slabs there “a huge overpriced, tasteless burrito” and also “over-priced, small, and tasteless.” While they can’t agree size, we did notice they’re unanimous on one element here. It would take a recommendation from no less than the Burritoeater himself to get us in there, but hey, now we’ve got it.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to persuade the Herbert’s people to send us a menu, so if any readers get curious and try it, can you pick one up for us? Thanks.

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Photo credit: Eater SF


Burritoeater: Herbert’s in Union Square