Blog Reviews: Week Of Vernal Equinox Holidays

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Do you think Avec, with its artisanal meat-heavy menu, would have any problem delighting a fussy vegan? No, of course you don’t think that [Drive-Thru]

• Torta-type sandwiches at Bombon Cafe are worth the stomach space during lunch; try the chicken milanesa version dubbed “Clasica” [Chicagoist]

• Hearty chili, unfortunately still necessary this time of year, is available at Cooking Fools with ethical seitan instead of evil beef [Drive-Thru]

• Little Andersonville pizza shop Great Lake may only serve a few different varieties of pie a night, but they’re all delicious. Also, BYO [Drive-Thru]

• Apparently picking up steam from its previous round of hopeful but disappointed reviews, La Cocina de Frida now impressing diners with its grandmotherly Mexican cuisine [Metblogs]

• So far, mostly great reviews for Mercat a la Planxa, the new Catalan restaurant in the South Loop. Mention “pan tomate” and Chef Jose Garces will come out and kiss you on the forehead [The Stew, Gastromic Bypass]

• Fancy Vietnamese on Argyle Street? Yes, at Pho Xua, where the decor won’t scare your lily-white grandma, if you have one [The Stew]

• Is the stripper pole at Rockstar Dogs functionally unusable? Mike Sula’s strip-o-philic friend and Monica Eng say yes. The hot dogs themselves are decent enough, but overpriced [Food Chain, The Stew]

• Jerry Kleiner’s Room 21 serves the same upscale comfort food in the same atmosphere as all his other places. Why not a menu from the Prohibition era for your fancy location, Jer? [Chicagoist]

• New Chinese fast food spot in Pilsen, Take Me Out, has tiny but solid menu that features Chinese fried chicken [Hungry Mag]

• Bahena production Tepatulco serves decent authentic Mexican food that warrants a visit, if not an obsession [Chicagoist]

[Photo: pick your poison, Hilary74]

Blog Reviews: Week Of Vernal Equinox Holidays