Blog Reviews: Week Of Oberweis Souring

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• The prix fixe short ribs at Aigre Doux may be tasty enough, but the overall impression does not live up to reputation [Chicago Foodies]

• Escarole and bean stew at Bari delicious by the quart; take care not to confuse it with escolar, the anal leakage fish ![Food Chain]

• A very positive review for Crisp, although we have to say we’re confounded and intrigued by some of the vernacular used [Chicago Gluttons]

• On the fifth floor of the Shops At 900 Michigan, Frankie’s 5th Floor Pizzeria will suffice in a pinch [Gastronomic Bypass]

• Yet another recommendation to order chicken crack at Lao Sze Chuan, which is now telling customers they serve beer by the case only? [Gastronomic Bypass]

• Family-run Northern Persian Masouleh in Rogers Park winning hearts and minds of locals with its stellar stews and service [Drive-Thru]

• OMG - Mike Nagrant was shocked to find himself absolutely loving Mercat a la Planxa, a new Catalan restaurant in the South Loop, on its first night of service. The food was delicious and the service almost unnervingly on-point. This is one of the best new opening reactions in recent memory [Hungry Magazine]

• Should you find yourself in sports bar Morgan’s Bar & Grill, you might as well get the Monterey chicken sandwich with crispy fries [Chicagoist]

• Yes, Osteria Via Stato is LEYE Italian, but they do a surprisingly sufficient job of filling you up on a Wednesday night [Gastronomic Bypass]

• It’s tough to beat the $3 falafel at Salam in Albany Park, which are of the green insides variety (that’s the good one!) [Big Sweet Tooth]

• Hitting off-notes on atmosphere, Select Cut Steak House’s burger can get a little greased-soaked despite its putative steak-ground pedigree. Martinis a plus [Chicago Burger Project]

• If it’s true that Chicago does not get the world’s freshest raw fish in all varieties all the time, ask a place like South Coast to serve you what’s best that day, and add nifty sauces to hide the slow rot [Chicagoist]

• Surprisingly Southern Sweet Maple Cafe dishes up classic home-style breakfast (BTW, slightly NSFW) [Chicago Gluttons]

• Looking for a relatively undiscovered foodie gastropub? Perhaps to try West Town Tavern and their iconic Tavern Potato Chips [Chicagoist]

[Photo: pearls of wisdom, narrowly avoided (frackers23/flickr)]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Oberweis Souring