Blog Reviews: Week Of Fast Food Pioneer Mortality

• If you’re willing to brave the lines at Bongo Room and not get a brunch item, their sandwiches are delicious [Chicagoist]

• Everyone likes soup when they’re sick. If you’re sick at work in the Loop, Ginza’s udon will steam the virus right out of you. And it comes with green tea! [Chicago Foodies]

• Bridget & Tammy love the burgers and mac and cheese at Kuma’s Corner, but are a bit irritated by the service. (16/20) [Chicago Bites]

• Brunch at wildly popular Milk & Honey Cafe possibly not worth the long and aimless wait [Drive-Thru]

• The cupcakes at Molly’s Cupcakes may not be the best thing that ever happened, but they brew a decent hot chocolate! [Chicago Foodies]

• Betraying a wicked sense of humor, an order of the Eggs Benedicto XVI at Polo Cafe comes with a framed photo of the current Pope that watches you while you eat. Really? [Chicagoist]

• Randomly garnering two reviews last week, Ras Dashen is a solid Ethiopian option in Edgewater with unique daily specials [Drive-Thru, Chicago Foodies]

• If you score a reservation to newly-reopened Schwa, see if you can break out of your gorging reverie and ask Chef Michael Carson about your dishes, eh? [Food Chain]

• The vegan menu and calming atmosphere at Spa Cafe makes it a good Loop lunch spot for anxiety-prone non-carnivores, and maybe you too! [Drive-Thru]

• Newcomer Twisted Sister Bakery, another entrant into the fearsome world of cupcakeries, is so far good! [Chicago Bites]

[Photo: a good way to start / a good way to depart, Steve Brandon/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Fast Food Pioneer Mortality