Blog Reviews: Week Of Everyone Caring About Starbucks For Three Hours

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Restaurant Week David Burke’s Primehouse totally lives up to the place’s billing, which is pretty great [Chicago Foodies]

• Do the best bureks in Chicago come out of Deta’s Cafe’s homey kitchen in Rogers Park? David Tamarkin kinda thinks so [Gourmet]

• Say what you will about the prices or ecletic managment at Eleven City Diner; at least they can make a decent pastrami sandwich [Chicagoist]

• Bridget and Tammy learn about Ethiopian food at Ethiopian Diamond Demera, but neither one emerges as a clear favorite. 22/40 for the former, 21/40 for the latter [Chicago Bites]

• Deep-fried seafood to order at The Fish Keg - they’ll double fry if you ask really nicely [Chicago Foodies]

• Even though Frankie’s Scaloppine is an LEYE manufactured Italian restaurant in a mall on Michigan Avenue, it’s not half bad; they even do a reasonable job on the eponymous dish [The Stew]

• The cashew nut butter and jelly sandwich at Hopleaf more popular by the week [Drive-Thru]

• Why is La Cocina de Frida still serving a provisional menu. The people demand totality! [Drive-Thru]

• Restaurant Week Roy’s delivers solid food and competent service; don’t forget the molten chocolate cake [Gastronomic Bypass]

• Did you know that one of the young members of the Sun Wah Bar-B-Q family just graduated from Kendall? Explains the pumpkin squash filled with pork belly, sure does [Food Chain]

• At AYCE sushi spot Sushi Para, you sort of get what you pay for…but at least they seem to mean well [Chicago Foodies]

• A cabbie joint gone a bit upscale, Tabaq is the new 24-hour Indo-Pak hotspot off Old Town [VI]

• If the brunch line at Lula Cafe is too long, consider the omelette options at Treat a mile to the south, what with their BYO and reservations-taking policies [Drive-Thru]

• Sure, the fish and chips are tasty at Wilde Bar & Restaurant, but the best part is that it’s “listed as one of the best bars to read at” [Gastronomic Bypass]

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Blog Reviews: Week Of Everyone Caring About Starbucks For Three Hours