Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Utter Ridiculousness

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are three of interest.

Honestly, who are these people?

On February 28th, a review for [REDACTED] entitled “Really????”:

Cop’s only eat here cuz they’re poor. They get free pizza. [REDACTED] avoids health inspection. Cops=[REDACTED]=rats=happy. Viola. DO. NOT. EAT. HERE

Viola. Cello?

On March 2nd, a review for [REDACTED] entitled “i will never eat here again”:

the waitstaff is terrible, and the place is loud and cramped. unfortunetly they have lost my family and I customer due to there lack of compitent people who work there! This is absolutly notthe first time i have had a bad expierence here, it really is sad.

With respect to competency, please do not throw stones, okay?

On March 3rd, for Buffet Palace, entitled “All food are very good.”:

This Buffet Palace is very good place to go even they don’t have crab lag is okay, As long as there other food to eat. One this you have to keep in mind is the resturants is cleans. I have been Anothers resturants I never see place is the cleanese. pluse the price is cheap you only paid last than 15.00 dollar person. compare to other resturants like old county Buffet they charged about 17.00 dollar person for dinner. Chinese food is always good for you. last oil and no fat. So few free go their and try it. the best buffet in town.

Wow! This reviewer (“Mrs. Stevenson,” actually), has an almost lyrical non-command of the English language. It’s probably not a shill, what with Stevenson calling attention to the fact that they don’t always have crab legs, one of their signature items, but it’s impossible to be certain. Even putting aside the comical misspellings, may we highlight the claim that “Chinese food is always good for you”? Because it putatively has less oil and no fat? We’re beside ourselves. Truly horrendous.

[Photo: crab legs, frequently unavailable at Buffet Palace. Fred_711/flickr]


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Utter Ridiculousness