Best Of MenuPages Reviews: South Side!

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are four of interest.

First of all, there were two Chicken Shack reviews on March 6th; one for the Harold’s on 73rd and Halsted (“looks, feels, and tastes perfect”), and the other for the Harold’s on 71st and Western (“Yea i live in the hood this is where its at. The food is fire!!!!! Man the best wings you’ve had in your life. They are the juicest mild sauce covered wings ever!!!!!!! Just don’t get shot!!!!!!! j/k”). J/K indeed.

We had this idea about visiting every single Harold’s in Chicago and rating them, but then we realized how unpleasant that would be. Could be fodder for a Super Size Me knock-off, though.

A bit further east on 71st Street (between Clyde and Merrill, just past Jeffrey), is the much-loved That’s-A-Burger. Another March 6th review reports that “It’s just a walk-in spot, but the food is excellent! I learned early on to call my order in and it is ready when I get there. Friendly service and the BEST DAMN TURKEY BURGERS in this city.” That’s a hot tip about the turkey burgers, which it would never otherwise occur to us to order.

Then, on March 8th, a University of Chicago student named “Jen” left five reviews for Hyde Park restaurants. The highlight was the takedown of Orly’s Cafe that would normally not pass our defamation filters, but, you know, why not:

I live down the block and I’ve tried Orly’s many times. There’s rarely anyone in there as far as I can tell it’s just spacious and dark and kind of creepy. I went in to get take-out once and even though I was the only customer and there were three people working there, service took forever. I once ordered a veggie burger thinking I’d get the usual patty of smooshed veggies, but instead it was whole vegetables tossed onto a bun - very weird. Breakfast is ok if you just want a bagel to go, but they don’t have a big selection.

Every time people I know pass by, they wonder how on earth it stays open, since it always seems to be empty. MOB CONNECTIONS are our guess.

Weird, gloomy place.

It’s true enough that the menu completely changes with frightening frequency. They probably just have some good deal with the owners of the building their in, but…just because it’s Lynchian doesn’t make it mob-related. On the other hand, your wild and baseless speculations are always welcome!

[Photo: Harold’s Fried Chicken (from #62 in the South Loop), ghetto of our mind/flickr]


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: South Side!