Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Editor’s Choice

These reviews tickled us the most of the many dozens that came in last week. Actually, that’s a half truth; there’s this one that we posted yesterday but did not validate, and another one that isn’t even appropriate for the blog, for the sake of your grandmother’s chastity (and colon).

Anyway, the best of the allowable:

Perry’s Deli | 3/19 | by “The best Jerry. The Best!” | entitled “A dream come true”:

This place is manifested out of a wonderful dream I had about corned beef, coleslaw and Russian dressing. It’s an amazing experience every time and is a must if you’re in the Chicago’s loop. Beware of the cell phone alarm!

Why? Not because of the Seinfeld reference, but we love the manifested dream sequence, and also, we secretly put Russian dressing on our corned beef instead of mustard. DON’T TELL ANYBODY! The cell phone alarm bit, we’re going to let pass.

Think | 3/21 | by “Barred Owl” | entitled “My take on THINK”:

I went to Think with a large group of women (a low-key bachelorette party).
We sat upstairs where the tables seemed to be all comprised of large, rather raucous parties - so it was pretty fun!
the downstairs dining room seemed cramped/intimate
The menu is impressive, the specials sounded so delightful we had to get them!
The service took FOREVER! I think we got our entrees around 2 hours after we arrived - although we were seated very quickly and we had plenty of BYOB wine to share
(i was pleased that the servers were very polite about the variety of cheap/supercheap wines my country bumpkin friends had brought)

once the food arrived, all of my memories of waiting too long were banished - it was THAT GOOD!

check out my blog to see pics and a description -

BYOB wine at a bumpkin bachelorette party spells trouble. Um…”beware yon overintoxicated bachelorettes”? Kind of weak. Nevertheless, this review won inclusion for the link to the reviewer’s blog — a little shilly, sure, but so Web 2.0!

Kuma’s Corner | 3/22 | by “Kari” | entitled “WOW”:

Wow….. I took a step out of my element thinking I was going to hate this place and I turned out loving it! Everyone sitting at the bar was so social and the drink selctions were everything besides the ordinary! The food was to die for beats a lot of expensive places in Chicago. Can’t wait to go back!!! It will def. be a place where I will be sending out of town guest.

Everyone knows Kuma’s is great, and it’s not like we want the wait to get any longer, but we can see it now establishing itself as an iconic Chicago restaurant for the ages. Yes?

[Photo: the Mastodon Burger at Kuma’s, Andrew Huff/flickr]


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Editor’s Choice