Ben & Jerry’s To Join In Torch Protests

Looks like everyone’s favorite socially conscious pop-culture referencing ice cream company is heading our way to join in the Olympic torch protests.

Word comes via Slashfood that Ben and Jerry’s is sending a caravan of activist ice-cream-makers out to San Francisco to register protest as the torch passes through its only U.S. destination.

All sorts of people have made all sorts of noise about San Francisco’s hosting the torch, based on all sorts of human rights abuses in and related to China. In this case, Ben and Jerry’s specifically is calling on the host of August’s summer games to do something about killings in Darfur. From the Associated Press:

The convoy, which left Wednesday, consists of three vehicles sporting replicas of the Olympic torch and mobile billboards calling on China to “extinguish the flames of genocide in Darfur.”

Wonder if employees at local stores get the day off to protest? The torch is scheduled to hit town on April 9.

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Photo from Vermont Public Radio


Ben & Jerry’s To Join In Torch Protests