Be Safe, For God’s Sake

Oh, dear Lord: We just picked this up from SFist. Seems a South Carolina man stabbed himself to death on accident while cooking. His two sons were apparently with him when it happened. From The State:

Deputy Anderson County Coroner Charlie Boseman said Downing was using a steak knife to cut up noodles in a pan on the stove when he burned himself, jerked his hand away from the heat and plunged the knife between his ribs, piercing his heart.

This is a really tragic story, made all the more difficult by the slapstick scene it conjures in the mind’s eye. Ever seen that Simpsons with the really clumsy waiter?

Anyway, yeah, poor kids. Remember folks, use a cutting board, point your knife away from you and, most importantly, please don’t stab yourself or anybody else. In fact, maybe you should see if Shuna Lydon is offering her knife skills class any time soon.

After the jump: A terrifying Canadian kitchen safety advisory that was making the rounds a few months ago.

Man Dies While Fixing Supper [SFist]
Man dies after stabbing himself while cooking [The State]

Be Safe, For God’s Sake