Wiiiiiiiii! At Finn McCool’s This Sunday

The Wii is still exciting for some reason. The frenzy is probably in its waning days, and we’re not gamers so who knows, it could be over already. However, the “win a Wii” promo we got from Finn McCool’s caught our eye. A raffle for a gaming system during a big game makes intuitive sense; in fact, Wiis were the hottest swag at this winter’s college bowl games.

So, uh, the raffle will be at the end of the game - we recommend timing it so you only have to be at Finn’s for 15 minutes or so. While you wait, Miller Lite drafts are $3, but it would be confounding if you chose that over the $3.50 Stoli Bloody Marys (not bacon, unfo).

Wii Super Bowl Raffle [Finn McCool’s]

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Wiiiiiiiii! At Finn McCool’s This Sunday