Who Could Hang A Name On You?

We can’t imagine much better evidence of the epicurian revolution at hand than this: massive chain restaurant Ruby Tuesday now offers craft beer in over 900 of its locations. Admittedly, this is not necessarily wildly esoteric stuff: Magic Hat No. 9 and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA are two of the beers mentioned. Still, it’s a giant step up from the choices at most similar restaurants.

To city dwellers like us who are fortunate enough to have a wide variety of beer bar choices, this might seem like no great shakes. After all, Ruby Tuesday is still a Giant Chain Restaurant and we’re not exactly going to go there when we could hit Bukowski’s Tavern or The Publick House. But for beer enthusiasts living near one of the chain’s more isolated locations, going to a great beer bar might not be an option. We, for one, think it’s pretty sweet that Ruby Tuesday is supporting some interesting beers, even if we’re not going to go check it out for ourself.

What about you? Does Ruby Tuesday’s new beer list make you more inclined to make the trek to Watertown?

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Who Could Hang A Name On You?