White Palace: A Viewing Pleasure Appreciation

White Palace Grill, the 24 hour diner on the corner of Roosevelt and Canal, has been inspiring photographers for years with its timeless simplicity and compelling mis-en-place. In light of its recent surge* in popularity, here’s a little homage to its pictorial history:

Sears Tower, YoChicago1/flickr:

Steak and Eggs, Mgmax/flickr:

Maxwell Street Market, JOE M500/flickr:

Hawaiian Shirt, finefoto/flickr:

Never New and Improved, Señor Codo/flickr:

Counter, 1999, EletrikCandyland/flickr:

White Palace Grill [MenuPages]

[Photos: flickr]

* Commenter Dana has helpfully pointed out that White Palace was on the Food Network recently. Case closed.


White Palace: A Viewing Pleasure Appreciation