What You’ll Eat and Drink at Terroir

Paul Grieco: only getting crazier.
Paul Grieco: only getting crazier.

After reading Rob and Robin’s opening this week, we can’t wait to visit Terroir when it opens this weekend (or Monday, if there’s a last-minute construction problem). But what awaits us there? We reached out to the new wine bar’s guiding spirit, Paul Grieco, to see if he could get us a sneak preview of the menu, and possibly a hint of what he had in mind for his wine program. Grieco delivered both — the latter in spades.

Oenologically speaking, there will be a smattering of cool shit. By the glass, we plan to juxtapose grapes from various places to showcase the terroir:

• a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc vs. a Chilean S.B.
• Burgundian chardonnay vs. an Australian
• Mosel Riesling vs. a N.Y. State Riesling
• Loire Valley Cabernet Franc vs. a Long Island Cabernet Franc
• tempranillo from Rioja vs one from Ribera del Duero

For the bigger list, there will be dissertations on Terroir-ists, producers who have made it their life’s mission to allow their land to scream (Paul Draper at Ridge Vineyards, Alvaro Palacios in Priorat, Bartolo Mascarello in Barolo). We will also focus on specific vineyards and show multiple expressions of that Terroir; for instance, in the Kamptal region of Austria is the Heiligenstein vineyard. Formerly known as hell stone, it is now known as holy rock; and it is composed of granite — primal rock; Lord of the Rings-type shit happened here.

Grieco’s also planning some specials, including a happy hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and low-priced tastings of high-end wines. “So much to do, so little time to accomplish it! The ideas are endless and I need a cup of coffee!”

Somehow, we think that’s the last thing he needs.

Terroir menu

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What You’ll Eat and Drink at Terroir