We’re Number 9!

The results are in, folks. San Francisco is the ninth fittest city in the U.S. Colorado springs topped the annual Men’s Fitness list of the most trim cities, while Las Vegas topped the “fattest” list.

We’ve slipped a little bit from our rank as seventh fittest in the nation in 2007. Fortunately for those who like consistency, however, Las Vegas has stayed no. 1 fattest. Good job!

The Tulsa World reprinted the list after Oaklahoma City was named the nation’s eighth fattest. Here it is:

The Fittest Cities in America:

1. Colorado Springs
2. Minneapolis
3. Albuquerque, N.M.
4. Denver
5. Portland, Ore.
6. Virginia Beach, Va.
7. Seattle
8. Honolulu
9. San Francisco
10. Milwaukee

The Fattest Cities in America:

1. Las Vegas
2. Arlington, Texas
3. San Antonio
4. Fort Worth, Texas
5. El Paso, Texas
6. Dallas
7. Miami
8. Oklahoma City
9. Mesa, Ariz.
10. Houston

If you want to know more about how Men’s Health comes up with its results, well, you’ll have to buy the magazine. They’re definitely not giving that story away online.

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We’re Number 9!