Update: Nutrition Facts

Remember that ordinance Supervisor Tom Ammiano proposed a few weeks ago, requiring restaurant chains to list nutrition information on their menus? Well, it’s on the way to becoming law after it was approved in committee yesterday.

The legislation is expected to pass the Board of Supervisors and get the mayor’s signature. Of course the Golden Gate Restaurant Association hates it, but not with the vitriol you’d expect. From the Chron:

“We want flexibility and uniformity,” said Lara Diaz Dunbar, a senior vice president for the California Restaurant Association. “If San Francisco does one thing and San Mateo does another, that would be burdensome for business.”

Interestingly, local blogger Camper English, of Alcademics, also expressed distaste for the legislation, even though he’s normally for these kinds of things:

Requiring chains to have the information available on request? I think I’m okay with that. But when hotel bars have to list cocktail calories on their drink menus I have a feeling I’ll opt to imbibe in other locations where I can get a drink without a garnish of guilt.

Anyway at the rate this legislation is going, expect to see those nutrition facts popping up on the soon-to-be-novel-sized menus of chain restaurants citywide.

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Update: Nutrition Facts