Tribune + Sun-Times: Heavy On The Nostalgia

Today’s Tribune and Sun-Times dining sections take a look back at food journalism from seasons past, but also to the future of how people get their recipes and such. Let’s take a look, ten words at time (um…sometimes nine when the article is less than compelling):

• Six decades of Sun-Times’ food coverage chart Americans’ evolving mores [Sun-Times]

• Oscar Meyer (a $1 billion Kraft subsidiary) turns 125 this year [Sun-Times]

• Recipes, once passed orally or in cookbooks, now largely online [Tribune]

• Bill Daley pulls together a recipe website slideshow, to boot [Tribune]

• A 1980s botched onion tart teaches a lesson about caramelization [Sun-Times]

• What happens when people use the same recipes for decades [Sun-Times]

• OMG, people cannot get enough of scrapple, it would appear [Tribune]

• John Meyer, BJ’s Market’s chef/owner, can’t best his mother’s cooking [Sun-Times]

• The movies, they have food in them! Especially “Ratatouille” [Tribune]

• Mexican hot chocolate: always go with the original product [Sun-Times]

• Frozen apple pies: are they as good as fresh-baked? Not really [Tribune]

• Hilariously-named “Tunnel of Fudge” cake actually sounds delicious [Sun-Times]

[Photo: A glorious cross-section of the Tunnel of Fudge, Axis of Ævil]


Tribune + Sun-Times: Heavy On The Nostalgia