There’s No Business Like The Restaurant Business

So Zagat’s got a list of Bay Area restaurants where you can catch some live entertainment with your dinner. It’s not exactly comprehensive, but there it is.

For one thing, they forgot jazz joints Les Joulines and Pier 23, not to mention venues like Thee Parkside and Bottom of the Hill, where you can get bar food while you catch a rock show. And if you know anything about MPSF, you know we’re all about entertainment. In particular, we love live music, so this list was frankly a bit disappointing.

Also, you may have noticed, by way of music, we have kind of a thing for fay British pop star Mika. Remember that awesome video we found of those French students eating at the Crepe House? Well, just cause it’s Friday, here’s a video of the man himself performing Big Girls at the Fillmore Feb. 3. Makes you want to dance, no?

After the jump: An encore live performance of Love Today. God bless you nanisummer

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There’s No Business Like The Restaurant Business