The Weeklies Over Coffee

Here’s your afternoon coffee-time dose of the local weeklies’ food sections.

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

After last week’s column about recovering an over-salted dish, Paul Reidinger gets into recovery techniques for over-spiced food. [Sugar and Spice=]

Reidinger also pays a visit to the Inner Richmond’s Namu, which features food from, well, everywhere. [U, me and Namu]

L.E. Leone has a cold and is seeing a new boy and oh, right, has a new favorite restaurant called Bai Som. [Cheap Eats]

And Molly Freedenberg brings us chocolate and wine pairing suggestions for Valentine’s Day. [Wine + chocolate = love]

Over at the San Francisco Weekly:

Meredith Brody eventually gets around to reviewing Fondue Fred in Berkeley. [Looking for a good melt, SF Weekly bumps into Fondue Fred]

And, in a special bonus edition, Thrillist visits Waterbar. [Waterbar Wets Whistle of Thrillist]

The Weeklies Over Coffee