The Weeklies Over Coffee

Well, it’s good to be back. An unfortunate bout of “actual work” kept us away from the blog for much of yesterday, so here is your better-late-than-never edition of the Weeklies Over Coffee.

In the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger gets really stoked on lentils [From Umbria, with brio]

Ella Lawrence takes a look at late lunch options around town [Dining in the off-hours

Reidinger also likes Breezy’s, but not quite as much as he likes those lentils [A performance enhancement]

And LE Leone is all about Alameda’s Calafia Taqueria this week [Cheap Eats]

Meanwhile, at the SF Weekly:

Meredith Brody is less than impressed with P’tit Laurant. She even slams the French overall! [You Can Have Paris]

Also, as a web bonus, we get news that Trader Vic’s is having a massive warehouse sale of all things Tiki. [The Snitch: Trader Vic’s Mysterious Warehouse Sale]

The Weeklies Over Coffee