The Supper Club

This week’s Craig LaBan reviewed resto is the South & 9th small plates-specializing Supper. Except… it turns out CLB all about their small plates/tiny portions ethos:

That is not to say its plates are somehow bigger than any of the other fine small-portion eateries that have sprung up in recent years - like James, Ansill, Tinto, Snackbar or Osteria. When Supper’s menu advertises a “short rib,” you’re really going to get a short one.

But my goodness, that piece of meat melts in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. It’s the result of more than 36 hours of slow poaching, finished with a glaze of grainy mustard sparking against the earthy sweet-and-sour of a bitter chocolate and raisin sauce. Sided with tender baby turnips, carrots and brussels sprouts, I can see why it costs $19.

The minuses? Complaints about the pastas and desserts.

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The Supper Club