The Marigold Cafe’s New Southern Feel

Alright. West Philly’s Marigold Kitchen, which we’ve covered the changes at before, is pretty damn drastically altered now thanks to new chef Erin O’Shea.

They’re doing gourmet Southern fare now.

No more Middle East-inflected New America. Check out this description of the dishes, courtesy of Rick Nichols:

The turnip soup, sweet and airy, is poured tableside over a tiny Virginia ham and apple biscuit. Spiced pecans spice up the butter-lettuce salad (but so do pear and aged Gouda). The chiffonade of collard greens, lightly creamed, is an elegant take on the warhorse of greens; sauteed, not stewy, greasy and limp.

Corn bread ennobled with buttermilk and chive is accompanied by slivers of Virginia Wigwam ham (a smoked country ham) and sunny-side-up egg, $7; and it’s crumbled in the subtle cornbread-pear stuffing in a roulade of tender chicken breast, $18.

Yeah, we like.

They will serve no grits before their time [Inquirer]

[Image via Inquirer]

The Marigold Cafe’s New Southern Feel