The Foodie Side Of Parking Wars

We’re addicted to watching the television show “Parking Wars.” We’ll admit it. That’s why we were so happy to see Blogalicious’ list of Philly food references in Parking Wars. A small sample:

1) Ticket-writer, animal lover, and outdoorsman Brian clues us into (brace yourself) a patch of wild strawberries growing in the shadow of the Blue Cross building. Wild strawberries! In Center City!

2) Folks in the Northeast really heart Rita’s water ice. Enough to illegally park in a bus zone to grab a quick cup anyway. We say, Boo! Rita’s can’t hold a pretzel rod to the water ice at John’s (pineapple), Mancuso’s (lemon), and Italiano’s (iced tea). Spring, please hurry the $%@# up.

3) The PPA impound lot is within walking distance of both John’s Roast Pork and IKEA. Oooh those cinnamon buns.

What Parking Wars Can Teach Us About Food [Blogalicious]


The Foodie Side Of Parking Wars