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The Food-Truck Revolution Rolls On — Here’s Where

There may be one beside you now.
There may be one beside you now.

Grub Street was excited for Fashion Week for lots of reasons, but one of the best parts was supposed to be stalking the L.A.-launched Heartschallenger-sweets truck. So we were disappointed to learn that instead of doling out Japanese candies (or, more likely, mix tapes) to models, the rosy-pink hip-mobile is currently being boxed up for shipment to Europe. No matter. In addition to learning that the artist-musician couple who owns the brand plan to return in May (in a season-long deal with the Parks Department!), there are plenty of other trucks in this town to satisfy our food-on-wheels fancy. Here’s our rundown of the best. —Alexandra Vallis




Critical Reception

Dessert Truck

E. 8th St., at University Pl. 

Former Le Cirque pastry chef makes his name by hawking haute bread pudding and chocolate soufflés on the street. 

“There’s no more fitting way to end a restaurant binge in this green, no-frills gourmet era than with a furtive late-night visit.” [Adam Platt]

El Rey Del Taco

30th Ave., at 33rd St.

Tacos, tortas, and burritos with lots of filling options for dinner and late-night noshing. 

“The burrito was very nice but the torta because of the delicious pork rocked my world!” [Joey in Astoria]

Endless Summer Taco Truck

N. 7th St., at Bedford Ave., Williamsburg

Rockers who decided to start serving Mexican food to meet hipster chicks, probably while stoned. 

“Will this be the first taco truck to have groupies? It all hinges on their horchata recipe.” [Daniel Maurer]

Green Pirate Juice Truck


Brings the community together over expensive fresh-juice drinks. 

“I had a cantaloupe and coconut crush that was just as refreshing, and much healthier, than a vanilla-and-chocolate twist with sprinkles.…The Green Pirate also uses only vegetable-based bio-diesel in its truck.” [Mouthing Off/Food and Wine]


Returning in May

Travels to top cities, including New York and London, to see concerts by looking cool and selling Japanese candy and toys. 

Mister Softee meets his match.… The powder-pink trucks are stocked with ice cream and global treats served up by Leyla Safai, an L.A.-based artist, and her musician beau, Ben Pollock.” [NYT]

Ice Cream Man

Special events

To give FREE ice cream to the WORLD!

“Who doesn’t love the ice cream man?” [Gothamist]

Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck

47th St., nr. Park Avenue (917-287-7241)

Grandma slices from midtown’s original pizza truck. 

“They aren’t going to win any pizza taste-offs, but the square Sicilian (read: no cheese) slices are still pretty delicious.” [Gridskipper]

mo gridder’s

565 Hunts Point Ave., nr. Whittier St. (718-991-3046)

A Trailer with a mobile-barbecue pit smokes meat you can eat inside a “customer lounge.”

“The ribs: that’s where the getting gets good.… The meat is sweetly and amply imbued with smoky flavor by the time it’s in your hands. [NYT]

Mud Truck

Lafayette St. at St. Marks Pl.

Mediocre coffee that’s not Starbucks. 

“A similar machine will now be fomenting rebellion (in the form of unexceptional coffee) in the West Village.” [Josh Ozersky]

Pranzo Pizza Truck

Park Ave., at 55th St. 

To one-up Jiannetto’s by serving round-pie (instead of just Sicilian) slices out of a truck. 

“How can more pizza out of a truck be a bad thing?” [Midtown Lunch]

Sub on Wheels

Lee Ave., at Williamsburg St., Williamsburg

Make regular street food kosher and serve it to the Hasidic community in Williamsburg (then expand and become an empire).

“It was no masterpiece, but a grubby and enjoyable mix of beef, chicken, and grilled vegetables.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

Super Taco Truck

Broadway, at 96th St.

Has supplied the Upper West Side with cheap tacos for fifteen years. 

“They are good tacos. And as anyone familiar with the taco landscape of the city knows, a good taco is hard to find. ” [NYT]

The Steak Truck

E. 47th St., nr. Park Ave.

To serve everything you would possibly want for lunch, out of a truck.

“’Specialty Dishes When Available’ (No Prices Listed): Chicken Tikka Masala, Paella, Chicken Strips, Falafel, Chicken Wings, Curry Chicken, Shrimp Stew & of course…STEAK.” [Midtown Lunch]

Treats Truck

Moves (212-691-5226)

Goodies like Rice Krispies treats and sandwich cookies feel more nostalgic when they come from a retro truck and a smiling baker.  

Kim Ima’s “brownies ($3) are rich and fudgy…her cookies ($1 to $2) strike just the right balance between crisp and chewy, and her Rice Krispies squares ($2) are…a perfect midday snack.” [NYS]

Wafels & Dinges Truck

Broadway, at Spring St. (often moves)

To serve the Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs chewy or crispy waffles loaded with whipped cream. 

“The steaming hot cakes are dusted with confectioner’s sugar, topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate. (Now that’s the way to start a morning.)” [Daily Candy]

The Food-Truck Revolution Rolls On — Here’s Where