The Deconstructed Muffuletta

Back when this blog first launched, we did a post on muffulettas, the New Orleans take on the Italian hoagie that — in its garlicky, porky, cheesy, olivey goodness — is one of the world’s best sandwiches.

We recommended the version at Center City’s Nodding Head — and still do, even if the quality of the cold cuts in the last one we had seemed to be slip-sliding a little. Nonetheless, it’s still a mighty sandwich.

But a recent piece in New York mag’s Grub Street blog on one NYC restaurant’s deconstructed muffuletta caught our eye. The “sandwich” (the bread really being panko breading) consists of lamb’s tongue, caper mayonnaise, olives and a muffuletta terrine. Err… yeah.

Dovetail’s Deconstructed Muffuletta Is a Trojan Horse for Lamb’s Tongue [Grub Street/New York]


The Deconstructed Muffuletta