The Daily News + Tater Tots = Love Affair

The Daily News is ga-ga for tater tots. Yes, tater tots: The frozen, pre-made potato nuggets that are a staple at school cafeterias, Jones and finer bars everywhere. Today, we got a wire story service on tater tots and a recipe for DIY tater tots. Relevant graf:

The Vortex club in Atlanta hosts a monthly “Boozer Doodle and Tater Tot Extravaganza,” in which would-be artists sketch burlesque dancers, drink to excess and help themselves to the endless single-item buffet. (As often as not, they sketch fetishized images of the Tots; some can be viewed at: 72157600218916785.

This generation also has definitively dropped the “tater.” Following the example set by Napoleon Dynamite, the movies’ patron saint of awkward youth, these fried snacks have become “Tots” in common parlance.

Once a popular food earns its retro cachet these days, the fine-dining crowd can’t be far behind. Don’t believe it?

Michel Richard - the great chef at Citronelle in Washington - has five little words to shake your soul: “Tater Tot foie gras ravioli!” the chef exclaimed by telephone. “I make the Tater Tot mixture, fill it with foie gras and then saute it until it crisps. They’re wonderful.”

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The Daily News + Tater Tots = Love Affair