The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome to another edition of the Chronicle Over Coffee, where you can pour yourself a small cup of the paper’s food section without brewing a whole pot. Don’t forget the cream and sugar.

This week’s lead story espouses the glories of the humble lentil, which can apparently exist in a more exciting state than the pasty Food not Bombs stew we used to sample on its way out to United Nations Plaza to feed the homeless. [Luxe Lentils]

Michael Bauer takes a return trip to Jai Yun, one of those low-profile Chinese restaurants that winds up on everyone’s secret favorites list, except Bauer’s, it seems. They’ve got a new location. [Dining Update: Hungering for more at expanded Jai Yun]

An opening, a closing and a new destination for Myth chef Sean O’Brien in Scoop. Also, Newsom loses a key staffer. [Inside Scoop]

None of the grocery store spinach dips fared terribly well against the tasting panel. [Taster’s Choice]

Finally, a batch of recipes for Chinese New Year. [Lunar New Year soup has sticking power]

And one for Valentine’s Day. [The Baker: A handy cookie recipe]

Oh, also, the results of the Chron’s wine competition are in. [Best of Class]

The Chronicle Over Coffee