The Chronicle Over Cocktails: Extra

This is a sad installment of this particular feature. In addition to our normal food section roundup, we bring you the story of Tommy Toy, one of the legends of the city’s restaurant scene. According to the story in today’s Chronicle, Toy worked his way up from a busboy at the Imperial Palace, becoming manager and then co-owner there before opening his own place, Tommy Toy’s Cuisine Chinoise. His patrons included all sorts of local notables, from Dianne Feinstein and Willie Brown to Francis Ford Coppola and Clint Eastwood. [Tommy Toy - Chinatown restaurateur dies at 72]

Now, on to the food section:

The lead story takes us through the delicious sounding Day of the Pig, a weekend-long celebration focused on slaughtering, butchering, cooking, curing and just generally getting up in a pig. [Going whole hog]

Amanda Berne seems to have had an exceptionally good dish of beans while moving recently. [Beans make the perfect housewarming dish]

Piperade chef Gerald Hirigoyen feeds finicky children at home. [Chef’s Night In]

A whole big chef shuffle is taking place downtown [Inside Scoop]

And Michael Bauer totally loves Sausalito’s Poggio. [Simple ingredients shine in hands of Poggio chef]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails: Extra