Tastykakes Go Bourgie

Two things we learned reading Taste Daily this morning:

1. Eric Ripert’s pastry chef at the upcoming 10 Arts project has a blog.

2. Said pastry chef, Michael Laiskonis, is infatuated with Tastykakes:

A Pennsylvania native, Michelle explained that Tastykake is a much adored regional snack, a source of local pride right alongside the cheese steak. I understand such nostalgia; I think every region of the country has similar products that form an association with our childhood and where we grew up. But the Tastykake phenomenon was confirmed by another Philly girl and one of my own assistants, Monica, who dutifully delivered the goods to the pastry kitchen. It turns out there are several varieties, and everyone familiar with them has a personal favorite.

We’re dedicated Coconut Junior fans ourselves. In any case, Laiskonis is offering up recipes for deconstructed Tastykakes. We like.

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[Image via Michael Laiskonis]

Tastykakes Go Bourgie