Talkin’ With The Bindi Crew

Chef Marcie Turney of Lolita and Bindi just got the interview treatment over at Taste Daily. What does Turney want you to know? Well, if you order guacamole and one entree to split between your group, she’s your mortal enemy:

For the love part: We’re very neighborhood-oriented. People are very loyal to chefs here, even if the chef moves. I have people who have followed me to Bindi, because they were going to my restaurants for the last 12 years. They’re very loyal. And I love the neighborhood we’re in. The people here have made us a success.

What I don’t like. Hmm. We get a lot of younger kids that come in, and because we’re BYOB, they bring tequila or wine or rum, and will order guacamole and one entrée to split between them, and think that’s okay. And the Mexican cuisine sort of lends itself to that. But we’re a restaurant—not a bar. And the servers need to get paid. —

Seven Questions for Marcie Turney [Taste Daily/Philly Mag]


Talkin’ With The Bindi Crew