Tales Of El Toro: The First Review Of The Rest Of Your Life

[Image courtesy of Eater SF]

Dang, no rest for the weary today. Burritoeater mildly harshed the newly re-opened El Toro Taqueria with a 7.58-mustache shrug-fest:

Construction was impervious to failure, and we quite enjoyed the pea/carrot-flecked Spanish rice. But serious cheese-related gaffes and an overall feeling of lovelessness had us yawning our way through our porky meal. The slab’s dull vibe was introduced by the merely-there tortilla (ungrilled and even unsteamed, on our watch) and continued on through the harmless spiciness.

It’s too bad, but not unexpected, considering the reputation of this particular Mission stalwart and its mother ship, Pancho Villa Taqueria. These are some of the workhorse taquerias in the Mission and we appreciate their role, but they just don’t bring in the hard-won raves like a Castillito or a San Francisco, even with a face-lift, it seems.

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Tales Of El Toro: The First Review Of The Rest Of Your Life