Sun-Times & Tribune: Just Desserts

There’s still some V-Day action in this week’s Wednesday food editions, but the Tribune has moved on to baking, generally, and the Sun-Times has its usual eclectic mix. In ten words or less!

• But first, Schwa’s reopening. Right now! Hurray! Here’s a backstory… [Tribune]

• Lisa Futterman & chefs tell you what baking equipment is essential [Tribune]

• Lynne Marek reports on group singles dating at nice restaurants [Sun-Times]

• Lisa Donovan jumps on the Savina hot wings bandwagon at Melnick’s [Sun-Times]

• Louisa Chu on pastry master Pierre Hermé, coming soon to Chicago! [Tribune]

• It is suddenly possible to tour your favorite Chicago bakeries [Tribune]

Another story about the Field Museums’ George Washington Carver exhibit [Sun-Times]

• Denise O’Neal is quite taken with a certain pasta sauce [Sun-Times]

• Bill Daley rounds up romantic-sounding wines for Valentine’s Day [Tribune]

• This AP article about cooking with shrimp chips is confusing [Sun-Times]

• The Tribune has a new feature on your cooking failures [Tribune]

[Photo: Pierre Hermé’s famous Ispahan cake, with rose petals, lychee and raspberry (Canon S3 IS in Paris, France/flickr)]


Sun-Times & Tribune: Just Desserts