Sun-Times & Tribune: 10 Minute Recipes, Cooking From The Pantry

This week, the Sun-Times and Tribune food sections are fast, cheap, and out of control.

• 10 minute recipes are the new 20 minutes recipes [Tribune]

• Cooking from your pantry is the new cooking from the farmers’ market [Sun-Times]

• And here’s a great list of staples to keep around [Sun-Times]

• Sorry, we have to go long-form on this one. Lisa Donovan talks about how you can save a ton of money on lattes if you use a $2 IKEA product to froth your milk before you add the espresso. But…where are you getting your budget espresso from, exactly? Nowhere, that’s what [Sun-Times]

• On the other hand, $25 “Bling” water in Trump Hotel minibars is unspeakably vile [Sun-Times]

• A nice profile on a young Wilmette chef who opened a little restaurant in Paris on a shoestring [Tribune]

• OMG Leap Day specials! We hadn’t even thought of that [Sun-Times]

• Bill Daley is on the cheese: wine pairings with goat [Tribune] and simple quesadillas with crisp sauv blanc [Tribune]

• Meyer lemons are back in season! [Tribune]

• Once your sugar starts caramelizing, well, you got a gastrique on your hands [Tribune]

• DOLLY PARTON HAS A COOK BOOK! And it contains a recipe for spaghetti pie [Sun-Times]

[Photo: Dolly’s Imagination Library. So named because all revenues go to buying books for kids.]


Sun-Times & Tribune: 10 Minute Recipes, Cooking From The Pantry