South Philly’s $2.50 Vietnamese Hoagies

Over at Gridskipper, they just ran an interview with our buddies over at the Space 1026 art collective. How is that relevant to MP? Well, in the i-vew, 1026 member Crystal Sokowski mused on Philly’s best banh mis:

For food, this is a little secret I’m going to expose; Café Nhuy is this great Vietnamese hoagie spot… giant hoagies for $2.50. A lot of people go there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Crystal forgot to mention the address, so we’ll chime in with it: Café Nhuy is at 8th & Christian. Get the veggie hoagie — that smoked tofu even makes carnivores like us happy. Go go go.

Is Philadelphia the next Williamsburg [Gridskipper]

[Banh mi image via Disneymike]

South Philly’s $2.50 Vietnamese Hoagies