Smell you later, Starbucks’ Breakfast Sandwiches

Remember the news a few weeks ago that those weird, Frankenstein egg sandwiches that Starbucks sells were all cooked in two centralized locations then distributed throughout the country? Well, the little devils won’t be making those flights anymore, as Starbucks has booted them from the menu once and for all.

From the New York Times:

“In short, the scent of the warm sandwiches interferes with the coffee aroma in our stores,” said Howard D. Schultz, the company’s chairman and chief executive.

But we have to wonder- Starbucks made a big deal about its “flash freezing” technology in that previous article from Jan. 9. what happens to that stuff? Could they flash freeze a latte and sell it in the grocery store? Guess we’ll find out…

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Smell you later, Starbucks’ Breakfast Sandwiches