Saigon Sandwiches At Home

Our local Eater outpost pointed out today that Esquire magazine included a Banh Mi sandwich from Saigon Sandwiches on Larkin Street in its “Best Sandwiches In America” list. Good job Saigon.

If you simply can’t make it downtown, though, another online article today delivers a pretty effective discussion and recipe for those lovely Vietnamese sandwiches that are the staple of all in-the-know staffers at City Hall, the McAllister courthouse and the state and federal buildings.

It’s obvious that the sandwiches are simple, but there always seemed to be some elements that we just couldn’t replicate in the MPSF test kitchen. Fortunately, the good people at Gourmet magazine have the solution. Go pickle yourself some carrots and get cracking.

The Recipe: Banh Mi [Gourmet]
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[Photo: Via stu spivack/flickr]


Saigon Sandwiches At Home