(Republic of) Georgia on the Mind

The world’s best fried chicken is made in Georgia. No, not our Georgia — though much love to the good folks of Macon. Thanks to going to high school with a lot of folks from Russia and points east, we realized the world’s best fried chicken is called chicken tabaka and it’s from the Republic of Georgia in the former Soviet Union.

Chicken tabaka (Tobacco chicken) is one of those dishes that’s genius in its simplicity: A partially deboned chicken is flattened, coated with plenty of raw garlic and hot pepper and fried under a brick. It’s greasy, super-crispy and ridiculously delicious.

Basically, it’s chicken that makes the good Colonel look like the lowly punk he is. Here in Philly, we have a Georgian restaurant that serves the dish. Piroshki on Krewstown Road is a Georgian restaurant that does a spot-on rendition of the dish. Actually, we’ve written about them before. BucksCo’s Russian Tea House offers it as well.

Piroshki [MenuPages]
Russian Tea House [MenuPages]

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(Republic of) Georgia on the Mind