Rent Florent’s Space for Only $700,000 a Year!

Florent's $700,000 death warrant.
Florent’s $700,000 death warrant.

Is it safe to say now that Florent is history? The last we heard on the story, the meatpacking pioneer was engaged in a death struggle with the landlord over the rent. According to the Observer, Florent’s lease, signed in 1995, was for $6,018 a month. The landlord wanted to jack up that monthly rent to somewhere between $43,000 and $70,000. This broker’s ad is asking for $700,000 annually, or $58,333 a month. Not even a recession can keep the meatpacking down!

Meatpacking Restaurant: 69 Gansevoort Street [PDF]

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Rent Florent’s Space for Only $700,000 a Year!