Shuna Lydon Leaving Sens

Here’s a news item that will eventually make waves in the local food-blog scene: Shuna Lydon is reportedly leaving Sens. The star pastry chef and creator/writer of the blog Eggbeater was asked to resign, according to Eater SF, as a cost-cutting move. From Eater SF:

The pastry chef is often the first to go when restaurants begin to cut costs, but in many ways, Lydon—a veteran of biggies like Gramercy Tavern, Citizen Cake, Bouchon, the French Laundry, etc—was the main attraction, so we’d say it’s safe to begin casting nervous glances toward Sens.

For her part, Lydon hasn’t so far explicitly mentioned anything about the decision on Eggbeater, where she seems to be dealing with larger issues, including a sick friend. Jesus, what a rough week. Condolences.

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Shuna Lydon Leaving Sens