The Frustrating Case Of La Taqueria

It’s got to be frustrating being the Burritoeater. You’ve got to make tough calls and reveal truths that are unpleasant to many San Franciscans. But that’s just part of the job, and Charles Burritoeater does it well.

Like a visit Monday to the celebrated/reviled La Taqueria. This controversial establishment boasts a fiercely loyal following but many, including the Burritoeater, simply don’t get it. Small, expensive, rice-free products never gain a high mustache-rating.

However, he dutifully trudges in there, time and time again, ordering burritos in hopes of cracking the La Taqueria code. It’s got to be discouraging to be met with such apparent mediocrity from such a lauded joint.

Here, he ponders the popularity:

We’re newly convinced that La Taqueria’s unembellished slabwork appeals to San Franciscans who prefer the San Diego style of the form: sans rice, possibly sans beans (a choice that inexplicably costs Joe or Jane Q. Burritoeater an extra buck), a bit more humbly sized than burritos at other local taquerias, and an overall austerity usually absent in the typical San Francisco burrito.

While it’s true that San Francisco’s watchdog of all things cylindrical and beany has to endure some even lower-quality tubes than those at La Taq., it must be especially frustrating to go there, simply because of the public pressure for a good review. Well, we’re glad he’s staying true to his beliefs. More power to you, Burritoeater!

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The Frustrating Case Of La Taqueria