The Weeklies Over Coffee

Okay, in case you were getting a bit sleepy in the post-lunch hours, here’s a guide to the weeklies while you caffeinate back up.

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger gets totally stoked on Coco500, the new inception of Loretta Keller’s Bizou. [Cuckoo for Coco500]

Reidinger also licks his proverbial chops over Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar, which are a bit too new to review, but seem to have made a pretty big impression all the same. [On the waterfront: an epic]

Molly Freedenberg treats us to one more chocolate roundup in honor of Valentine’s Day. [Cocoa-a-go-go]

And LE Leone has a new favorite restaurant in Alameda’s Dragon Rouge. [Cheap Eats]

Meanwhile, over at the San Francisco Weekly

Robert Lauriston stands in for Meredith Brody in an extremely thorough review of the Inner Richmond’s Troya. [Inner Richmond’s Troya Takes Turkish Up a Notch]

The Weeklies Over Coffee