Philly’s Not Going Vegetarian Anytime Soon

The meat eating crew over at the Philadelphia Inquirer (well, actually reporter Alfred Lubano) is asking the big question: will 2008’s beef recall encourage people to go vegetarian?

People, this is Philadelphia. City of beef and pork-based monster sandwiches. Of course not.

William Rabutino, a former butcher having lunch near Martin’s Quality Meats at the market, said he knows why. “We’re meant to eat meat,” he said. “It’s a little cruel. But they’re animals. How else are we supposed to live in this world?” […] “I was raised on meat,” said Daniel Bundy, a 41-year-old airline worker who grew up in Vineland. He was chowing down on a cheesesteak at Rick’s Philly Steaks with his son, Malik, 10. “I will eat it till I’m gone. To me, it’s all about survival of the fittest, man over animal. And I love beef.”

We’re guessing Rabutino and Bundy won’t be going to Horizons anytime soon.

Will that big beef recall steer people to veggies? [Inquirer]

[Image via Inquirer]

Philly’s Not Going Vegetarian Anytime Soon