PA/NJ/DE Starbucks Pulling Breakfast Sandwiches From Shelves

Starbucks is discontinuing hot sandwiches. The chain, which rolled out bacon, egg and cheese, florentine egg and other sandwiches into Delaware Valley locations a few months back decided that they just cost too much damn money to make. But Starbucks managers are peeved. One writes:

Good move. But all the new stores in my district that have recently opened have had warming ovens installed in anticipation of sandwiches. Hope they can return unused oven, or this is a HUGE capital write-off, which is a one time hit, but should be right around the time of the next bean stock buy in price.

Regardless, we learned another thing. One that will make our friends who are going to college very, very happy: Starbucks is experimenting with selling dollar cups of coffee:

Starbucks has been testing $1 extra-small cups of drip coffee with free refills in some Seattle stores, which Schultz said it’s doing to respond to the economic pressures many of its customers are facing. Some analysts say it could draw in new customers and drive up sales if they decide to upgrade to a $4 mocha or other high-margin espresso-based drinks.

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PA/NJ/DE Starbucks Pulling Breakfast Sandwiches From Shelves