One If by Land Breaks Out a Bar Menu, and Not a Minute Too Soon

It isn't easy being green.
It isn’t easy being green.

Though we are longtime fans of chef Craig Hopson and expect great things from his tenure at One If by Land, Two If by Sea, we’ve still never had dinner there. It’s too expensive, too romantic, too much pressure — it’s Valentine’s Day every night there! The restaurant has remedied this with a bar menu, so you can now sample Hopson’s work in a (relatively) casual setting. We were happy to see that his frog-leg beignets, long a favorite of ours at Picholine, had made the leap, so to speak, to the new restaurant. The full bar menu is below.

$12 per plate
Venison-and-pork sausage with pistachio-and-celery salad
Mushroom crumble with sunchoke mousse
Florida frog-leg beignets
Monkfish cheeks, “Bang Bang” turnips, and tamarind
Shaved foie gras with mustard-raisin jam on a brioche
Fresh Maine “shrimp toast” chorizo and fried broccoli
Tempura hen of the woods mushrooms with orange salt$15 per plate
Lamb filet, eggplant, garam masala, and goat cheese
Duck-liver tortellini and black trumpet mushrooms
Quail à la plancha and jìcama kimchee
Dukkah-crusted salmon and preserved lemon yogurt
Veal “fingers” with lime-chile aioli

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One If by Land Breaks Out a Bar Menu, and Not a Minute Too Soon